Aarti P

In our world of brides, a red rose represents celebration, beauty, love, unity and blessing. The red rose also holds equal importance by one of our favourite charities @binti.period who do incredible work to create a world where all women have menstrual dignity by #smashingshame through education. Binti are supporting young girls in countries where access to tissue and basic sanitary products is minimal or simply not available. As a mother of two daughters, I personally love the work carried out by them, allowing conversations to be open and bring change and empowerment for women. I am extremely proud to be an ambassador for Binti and be associated with the launch event of the innovative period underwear with all funds raised to overcome #periodpoverty. Join us at this exclusive fashion show in London on Thursday 28th June, which promises to be the biggest and most unforgettable night of the year so far.

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